"From the beginning, I wanted to be the best. I had a constant craving, a yearning, to improve and be the best."

Kobe Bryant

Ana Gonzalez is currently at KPRC 2 in Houston, Texas as a Digital Content Producer.

With her work seen on Click2Houston.com from readers worldwide, Ana strives to keep the public informed about the happenings in Houston and beyond – from COVID-19 to crime.

Ana joined KPRC 2 as an intern in 2020, quickly learning the ropes of the digital world despite having a public relations background. She remained with the KPRC 2 digital team beyond her internship and wrote features and trending stories for Click2Houston.com. In September of 2021, Ana officially joined the team full-time, covering events such as the Astroworld Festival tragedy, the Uvalde mass shooting tragedy, Needville Little League's journey to the Little League World Series, and COVID-19 in the Houston area.

Prior to joining KPRC 2, Ana was part of the Houston Community College’s Southwest College Communications team as a public relations associate. In this role, Ana worked with multiple professors, community members, and college administrators to produce, edit, and create multiple marketing materials digitally. She was also one of the minds behind the inaugural 2019 Advanced Manufacturing Conference that took place at HCC’s West Houston Institute.

After a couple of career changes and bumps on the road, Ana decided that journalism was her calling, and wanted to pursue her dream as a bilingual journalist. She graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Public Communication from the University of Houston-Downtown.

Ana was born in Mexicali, Mexico, and grew up in the Los Angeles area. She moved to Houston in 2015.

In her spare time, Ana is an avid video gamer, loves to travel, and reading. She is also an aquarium enthusiast and a catmom of three.

Ana lives in the Houston-area with her three cats, Chase, Tara, and Luna.